John Slezer was born in Germany, settled in Scotland in 1669 and was made a burgess of Dundee in 1678. By 1688, he was appointed as Captain of the Artillery Company. In addition, Slezer was a topograhical draughtsman with a love for the historical which he combined with his military position to create this work, Theatrum Scotiae containing the prospects of their majesties Castles and Palaces Towns and Colleges the ruins of many ancient Abbeys, Churches, Monasteries and Convents… in 1693. It is known for its accuracy and is “an indispensable source for Scotland’s history. It contains some of the first representations of many parts of the country and images of buildings that have no longer survive.” ( “The book was a lavish volume of..plates accompanied by written descriptions, and constitutes the first systematic illustrated record of Scotland, showing – as no other documents do – what the country looked like 300 years ago.” (Cavers)