American Ostrich

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Weight 1 lbs


Paper Size

~ 9 1/2" by 5 3/4"

Plate Condition

Overall Good to Excellent. Some of the plates in the work exhibit some faint toning or mottling and handling. There are some very light marks scattered on some of the prints to be expected with age

Print Author

George Shaw & Frederick Nodder


Originally Hand-colored Engraving


The Naturalist's Miscellany

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The Naturalist’s Miscellany was a monumental 24-volume work, known for its wide range of birds, reptiles, insects, quadrupeds, sea life, and botanicals. These prints are highly sought after by collectors for their extremely decorative and whimsical nature. George Shaw authored the work, providing details for the over 1000 species described therein. Fredrick Nodder was the engraver for most of the work. After his death in 1800, however, his son took over the position. This particular engraving was published between 1789 and 1793.

Each engraving features beautiful, original hand-coloring on woven, J. Whatman watermarked paper. The original descriptive text (sometimes in both English and Latin) is included with each engraving.

George Shaw was a doctor, Fellow of the Royal Society, co-founder of the Linnean Society, and a zoologist of the British Museum. He was also the first to publish a scientific description of the platypus which was done in his noted work with Frederick Nodder, the Naturalist’s Miscellany.