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Les Delices des Yeux et de L'Esprit, a la Representation d'une Collection Universelle des Coquilles

Georg Wolfgang Knorr created one of the most renowned works on shells entitled Les Delices des Yeux et de L’Esprit, a la Representation d’une Collection Universelle des Coquilles or The Delights of the Eyes and the Mind, or General Collection of the different species of shellfish that the sea contains. The work was published in Nuremberg, Germany between 1760 and 1771. Knorr’s work was notable for its attractive hand-coloring. Each plate features beautiful shells on chain-linked paper. Some plates feature a crown watermark as well.

Knorr noted that “physicists […] make every effort to bring natural history to its perfection”, but he regretted that for “the wonders of nature that the Sea contains in its bosom, we admire with pleasure their external beauty […] but when it comes to looking more closely at their properties […] we find ourselves stopped by boundaries that it does not always depend on us to cross perfectly.” This was the reasoning for him doing this work, where he worked to be as scientific and truthful as possible on the subject. (Brunet, III, 682; Nissen, Zoologische, 228)

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