He Divided the Light from the Darkness and Called it Day and Night (Religious Fresco or Decorative Pilaster)


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Logge di Rafaele nel Vaticano

This impressive large folio, copper-plate engraving comes from Logge di Rafaele nel Vaticano, published in Rome between 1772 and 1777. Plates from this work are after the elaborate paintings found in the Vatican by Raphael (Rafaello) Sanzio d’Urbino, one of the most inspiring of Italian High Renaissance artists. During the early 1500s, Urbino spent his days in the Vatican decorating the pilasters found on the main floor of the interior apartments. Logge was one of the earliest works to show the interior design of the Vatican. Each plate was engraved by Giovanni Ottoviani after Gaetano Savorelli (painter), Ludovico Teseo (draughtsman), and Pietro Camporesi (architect). This plate has recently-applied professional opaque coloring, painted in a manner similar to the style of the late 1700s. Vibrant, strong colors were used making this engraving an astonishing work of art. Logge, as it was originally published, contained 28 plates with the intention of them being integrated into 14 larger plates. The resulting combination is being offered here.

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