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Iconologia Deorum, oder Abbildung der Götter

This exceptional engraving is from Joachim von Sandrart’s Iconologia Deorum, oder Abbildung der Götter. The work was published in Nurember by Christian Sigismund Froberger for the author and in Frankfurt by Michael and Johann Friedrich Endter in 1680. The work featured richly illustrated allegories and iconography for artists as ancient gods and the meaning of animals and plants in ancient mythology. “Splendid copperplates .. The last great tribute paid to the Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft, and its history is presented here in allegorical form.” (Faber du Faur)

Joachim von Sandrart (1606-1688) was a famous German Baroque painter and art-historian. He became noted for his writings post-humously. He initially apprenticed as an engraver, but was advised to put his talents into painting. Sandrart was taught to read and write by the son of Theodor de Bry.

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