Bald or Vulturine Eagle


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A Natural History of Birds

This originally hand-colored etching is from Eleazar Albin’s Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux or The Natural History of Birds. This if from the first French edition of the work which was published in The Hague in Pierre de Hondt in 1734.

Eleazar Albin made his living creating watercolors of wealthy collectors cabinets, including Sir Hans Sloane. Slane’s collection founded the British Museum. Many of these collectors then subscribed to his Natural History of Birds. The plates were completed by Eleazar as well as his children, Elizabeth and Fortinalus.

In Albin’s notes to the reader he states “As for the paintings, they are all done from the life, with all the Exactness I could either with my own hand, or my daughters, whom I have taught to draw and paint after the life.”

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