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Histoire naturelle des perroquets

This incredible first edition, folio stipple engraving is from Francois Levaillant & Jacques Barraband’s Histoire naturelle des perroquets. The work was published in Paris by Levrault Freres in 1801.

Barraband drew the original drawings for the work which contain such fine detail and marvelous beauty. He was considered on of the best painters of natural history.

The plates were primarily printed in color – a remarkable feat for the early 1800s. The French master, Langlois, developed a superb technique to print in color called “a la poupee.” After the printing process was complete, each plate was carefully highlighted by hand.

Barraband and Levaillant collaborated on the best-known natural history work about parrots, Histoire Naturelle Des Perroquets. The pair would go on to collaborate on other great works including the on here, Histoire Naturelle Des Oiseaux Des Paradis et des Rolliers (Birds of Paradise) and Histoire Naturelle des Promerops (Toucans).

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