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Vorstellung der Vogel in Teutschland…

This first edition, originally hand-colored engraving is from Johann Leonhard Frisch’s Vorstellung der Vogel in Teutschland und Beylaugffig auch Einiger Fremden, mit Ihren Eigenschaften Beschrieben…und Nach Iheren Naturlichen Farben. The engravings are on chain-linked, watermarked paper. The work was published in 1733 and completed posthumously in 1763 by his sons and Ferdinand Helfreich. It is considered the first great German bird book. Fine Bird Books refers to it as “One of the most enjoyable of all bird books and rare”.

Johann Leonhard Frisch led a varied career including being a singer, minister, interpreter for the German army, and a headmaster at a Berlin school. His academic pursuits interested him in natural history and to form a Cabinet of Curiosities from which the illustrations for the work were often drawn. Frisch is credited by some with the discovery of the colour ‘Prussian blue’, and was responsible for the planting of mulberries on the ramparts of Berlin in a successful attempt to produce silk.

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