Regatta on Whittlesea Mere, June 14th, 1842


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Ornithological Miscellany

This originally hand-colored lithograph is from George Dawson Rowley’s Ornithological Miscellany. The work was published in London between 1876 and 1878 by Trubner and Co., B. Quaritch, and R. H. Porter.

The work featured detailed articles on the birds of Mongolia & Tibet, New Zealand, the Fiji Islands, New Guinea, Madagascar, and more. The articles were written by noted ornithologists H. E. Dresser, Alfred Newton, O. Salvin, P. L. Sclater, H. Seebohm, and R. B. Sharpe. Of particular note with this work was that it detailed some of the rarer birds of New Zealand. The images were done by J. G. Keulemans, J. Smit, and others.

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