Elliot's Bird of Paradise


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Beautiful and Curious Birds of the World

This folio hand-colored chromolithograph is from Charles Barney Cory’s Beautiful and Curious Birds of the World. The work was published by the author in Boston in 1883.

This spectacular chromolithograph comes from the Cory’s extremely rare work. The large folio chromolithographs are considered one of the finest ornithological works of its day. In the preface to his great work, Cory states: ‘In writing the present work I have striven to bring together some of the wonderful examples of the ornithological world, and to illustrate them in such a manner that others besides naturalists may become acquainted with the beautiful forms of bird life which inhabit our globe.’ Given Cory’s stated aim it is unsurprising that he has concentrated on the most spectacular bird family of all: the Birds of Paradise and their relatives the Lyre Bird and the Spotted Bower bird.

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