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Pomona Britannica, or a Collection of the Most Esteemed Fruits…

This remarkable, large folio fruit engraving is from George Brookshaw’sPomona Britannica, or a Collection of the Most Esteemed Fruits at present cultivated in the country; together with the Blossoms and Leaves of such as are necessary to distinguish the various sorts from each other. The work featured originally hand-colored aquatint engravings created using the color printed stipple method. They were engraved by R. Brookshaw & H. Merke. George Brookshaw published the work in 1806 in London.

Dunthorne remarked on Brookshaw and his work as “One of the eminent English artists of the early nineteenth century is George Brookshaw, who issued in 1812, Pomona Britannica. Ninety aquatint plates, printed in colour and on a scale comparable to Thornton’s Temple of Flora, depict the fruit grown around London and particularly in the royal gardens at Hampton Court. In Aquatint Engravings, Brookshaw’s Pomona Britannica is described by S. T. Prideaux as ‘one of the finest colour plate books in existence.’ In many of these plates the lovely mellow tones of the fruit glow against the dark or light brown backgrounds.”

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