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Pomona Italiana Ossia Trattato degli Alberi Fruttiferi

This exquisite engraving is from the finest Italian work on fruits from Giorgio Gallesio’s Pomona Italiana, ossia trattato degli alberi fruttiferi. The work was published in Pisa by Niccolo Capurro between 1817 and 1839.

The work is noted for its exceptional color. It was printed as an aquatint engraving, finished by hand, and heightened with gum arabic. Many artists contributed to the work including Domenico del Pino, Antonio Serantoni and Isabella Bozzolini. It also utilized the work of engravers including Giuseppe Pera, Giuseppe Carocci, Tommaso Nasi and Francesco Corsi. The images were highly detailed and took great care to be true to the subject including blemishes to the fruits, holes in leaves, and meticulous detailing.

Gallesio was botanist, lawyer, and civil servant. Charles Darwin noted that the experiments he conducted in his orchards in Savona illustrated his own theory of natural selection in the development of fruit varieties.

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