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Les Roses

This beautiful and highly collectible engraving is from Pierre Joseph Redoute & Claude Anthoine Thory’s Les Roses. The work was published in Paris by Dufart and Hauer in 1828 and 1829. It is from the third edition published under the direction of Pirolle.

Redoute’s name is synonymous with beauty and in the world of botanical art he is known as the best. The work proved to be not only outstanding in terms of its beauty but also for its scientific merits. Redoute and Thory described almost all of the important roses that were known in their time. Redoute was renowned for his artistic ability and tutored such people as Queen Marie-Antoinette, Empress Josephine, Marie-Louise, and Queen Marie-Amelie.

Redoute influenced a breadth of artists that followed him including Turpin, Poiteau, Bessa, and Prevost. Redoute is widely considered the finest botanical illustrator of the early 19th century, if not throughout history.

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