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Herbarium Amboinense

This rare and alluring botanical engraving is from Georg Eberhard Rumpf (Rumphius) & Johannes Burmann’s Herbarium Amboinense, plurimas conplectens arbores, frutices, herbas, plantas terrestres & aquaticas, quae in Amboina, et adjacentibus reperiunter insulis Het Auctuarium ofte Vermeerdering op her Amboinsch Kruyd-Boek. This first edition work was published in Amsterdam between 1741 and 1755. Each engraving is printed on chain-linked watermarked paper.

Herbarium Amboinense was one of the earliest works on East Indian flora. Rumpf, a German-born botanist, placed particular focus on Amboinar trees and grasses. The work illustrated 1200 plant species. The research led to further scientific discovery in the Maluku Islands, Indonesia, and their seas.

Rumpf’s work was completed for publication by 1670, but the original illustrations were burned in a fire in 1687. He had become blind, so his son Paul re-worked these and sent them to the Netherlands in 1693 only to have the ship destroyed by the French. By 1696, a copy of six of the books finally reached Holland where they remained in the archives of the Dutch East India company for 32 years. Burmann collected and edited the documents and published the first volume in 1741 and continued publication until 1755.

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