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Papillons d'Europe

This originally hand-colored engraving is from Jacques Louis Engramelle’s Papillons d’Europe. The work was published in Paris by Delaquette, Basan & Poignant between 1779 and 1792. The original hand-coloring and engraving were completed by Desfontainese, Juillet and others. Ernst is mentioned as the illustrator for the work, though most of the illustrations were after the work of Mara Eleon Hochecker. The engravings were printed on chain-linked, watermarked paper.

Papillons d’Europe was one of the most magnificent French works on butterflies and moths. It was issued as an edition of only 250 copies. Among the subscribers to this work were the King and Queen of France, members of the Royal Family, the King of Spain, the King of Sweden, and notable scientists such as Duc d’Aumont and le Compte de Buffon.

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