Moth Metamorphosis

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Der monatlich-herausgegebenen Insecten-Belustigung…

This scientific entomology engraving is from A. J. Roesel (Rosel) von Rosenhof’s Der monatlich-herausgegebenen Insecten-Belustigung…. The work was published in Nuremberg between 1746 and 1792 by Roesel & Kleemann. Each engraving was printed on chain-linked, watermarked paper and features original hand-coloring.

Roesel is considered the father of German entomology. He engraved the plates for the work himself from his own drawings. His work made sure to balance accurate science with aesthetic appeal and are “counted among the most beautiful and accurate of the eighteenth century.” (Damkaer p 33)

“Roesel, who studied at first with his father and then with his uncle Wilhelm, an animal painter in Merseburg, later became a pupil of the famous Preisler in Nuremberg. After living in Copenhagen from 1726 to 1728 he returned to Nuremberg for good, and there, besides painting portraits and drawings, he applied himself in particular to the study of nature. He collected insects, their eggs and larvae, studied the process of hatching, pupation, and emergence, and painted all this in a most meticulous way, as Kleemann tells us. His manuscripts, with 406 illustrations, are now in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in Munich. Roesel also made the engravings of his drawings and, until his death in 1757, his ‘loving and diligent spouse’ contributed fine colouring to the prints.” (Nissen. Bestiaries)

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