Album of 104 Original Pen Drawings of Birds


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Original Album of Pen Drawings

This is an album of 104 original pen drawings from the early 19th century. It was from the collection of Duchess of Berry and her library in her home, Château de Rosny. The drawings are on fine laid paper and bound in a small quarto volume. It is in red morocco, gilt roulette in the frame, decorated smooth spine, gilt edges, and the library reference at the foot of the spine.

The images included are of various birds including vulture, ostrich, peacock, bird of paradise, hummingbirds, yellow-crested cockatoo, parrots, stork, and more. They look to be inspired by or copied from Buffon’s natural history works. There is an inscription in the front that possibly attributes the work to a three year old reading: “Birds made with a pen and Indian ink, presented by Louis de Levis, aged three, to Mr. the Duke of Bordeaux…” or “Oiseaux faits à la plume, à l’encre de Chine, présentés par Louis de Levis, âgé de trois ans, à M. le duc de Bordeaux…”

Provenance: Duchess of Berry (ex-libris; catalog, 1837, no. 362)

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