Johann Eusebius Voet’s Catalogus Systematicus Coleopterorum – Volume with 50 Beetle Engravings


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Catalogus Systematicus Coleopterorum…

This is volume two with 50 fascinating beetle engravings of Johann Eusebius Voet’s Catalogus Systematicus Coleopterorum, Systematische naamlijst van dat geslacht der Insecten dat men Torren noemt.. The work was published by G. Bakhuysend in The Hague, Netherlands between 1804 and 1806. The work was the first major iconography on Coleoptera featuring numerous originally hand-colored engravings. It was also one of the best entomological works published in the Netherlands. Many of the engravings were completed by C.F.C. Kleeman, Roesel’s son-in-law.

Johannes Eusebius Voet (1706-1778) was a physician at Dordrecht. He possessed a large cabinet of insects and shells. He was the son of Carl Voet, who was court-painter to the Earl of Portland. “Voet was a son of Carel Burchart Voet (1671-1745) who made a beautiful manuscript of Insects and their metamorphoses following closely Goedaert.” (Landwehr, pp.238-239) Voet published a portion of the work from 1776, but Bakhuysen acquired the work after Voets death and published the work between 1804 and 1806.

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