Pascal’s Collection de fleurs… – Volume with 48 Originally Hand-colored Lithographs


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Collection de fleurs desinées d’après nature et lithographiées

This lovely volume with 48 originally hand-colored lithographs is Antoine Pascal’s Collection de fleurs desinées d’après nature et lithographiées. The work was published in PAris by Clement in the 1830s. The lithographs were completed by Langlumé. It is bound in red three-quarter morocco gilt by Sangorski and Sutcliffe, with gilt edges.

This is a rare volume of floral illustrations done in the matter of the famed Pierre Joseph Redoute. The work is not found in standard bibliographies. Antoine Pascal was a pupil of Redoute. The only other publication noted from is L’Acquarelle, ou les fleurs peintes d’apres la methode de M. Redoute in 1836.

Provenance: There is a bookplate present that reads Henry Rogers Broughton and shows his family crest. Broughton (1900-1973) amassed one of the most important collections of botanical art in the world.

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