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Dessins Originaux Chinois

This remarkable, one-of-a-kind watercolor is from a collection entitled Dessins Originaux Chinois.. The watercolor was done in the 1800s in Canton and is mounted to a larger sheet.

The watercolors were clearly completed by very skilled hands. The collection included illustrations of flowers, natural history, customs, punishments, and naval scenes. There appears to have been some Indian influence in the style of illustration as well as subjects including a depiction of the mango, native to India.

The work had two bookplates: one from Henry Rogers Broughton and the second from Winifred Bois. Broughton (1900-1973) amassed one of the most important collections of botanical art in the world. Winifred Bois (1875-1966) collected Chinese school watercolors and travelled extensively in the Far East. Her family held a prominent place among the merchants of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) from the 1860s.

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