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Dictionnaire Universel d’Histoire Naturelle

This originally hand-colored, natural history plate is from Charles D’Orbigny’s work Dictionnaire Universel d’Histoire Naturelle. This first edition work was published in 1849 in Paris by Renard & Martinet. The entire work consisted of 288 engravings of flowers, birds, mammals, insects, fishes, and shells. The work was considered one of the paramount natural history collections of that time featuring wonderfully illustrated natural history plates. Many distinguished artists contributed to the work include Edouard Travies, Susemihl, Oudart, Werner, Vaillant, Meunier, Dalarue, Blanchard, Maubert, and Pretre. Most of the bird illustrations were provided by Travies who was a celebrated artist of his time. Each plate features the order, genus, and species printed in Latin and French in the lower margin. The plates feature great detail and attractive original hand coloring. Many of the plates were finished with shellac which adds to the strength of the coloring.

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