Tavern Scene – The Singer


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A Collection of Original Etchings

This important etching was published as part of John McCreery’s A Collection of Original Etchings. It was published in London by McCreery in 1816. Each etching was pasted to backing paper. The original copper plates were believed to be destroyed after this publication.

Most of the etchings are printed from the original plates of the artist. It features original plate etchings from the artists: Corenlius Bega (1654), Claude Lorraine (1660), Dominique Barriere (and Lorraine) (1651), Horizonti, Hollar (1641-1647), Theodore Van Kessel (1654), Peter de Laer (1636), Rembrandt, some after Rembrandt by Vivares, Van Vliet (1632), Thomas Wyck (1670), and Ruysdael (1668). The work also featured etchings after the artwork of Rembrant, Ruysdael, Du Jardin, Della Bella, and more.

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