Quand elle est attaquee Gaby sait se defendre. Puisse sa devise service lui rendre: “Mords-les” – “When she is attacked Gaby knows how to defend herself. May his motto be of service to him: “Bite them””


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This limited edition pochoir caricature is from Jean Jeannet’s Vedettes. The work was published in Paris by Pierre Johanet in 1934. The work was limited to 100 copies, of which this is number 3. The pochoirs are superbly colorful and are a heavy stencil style similar to watercolor.

The illustrations or caricatures are mostly French actors or celebrities, but does include Mahatma Gandhi and Adolf Hitler. Also featured in the work were Josephine Baker, Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Paul Reynaudand, Sacha Guitry, and Fritz Lang.

The board was signed by the editor and the bookplate reads “tire specialement pour M. Henri Grillot” or “drawn especially for Mr. Henri Grillot.” There was a foreward writted by Robert Hesmot.

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