Jesenske & Mucha’s Ballady a Pisne – Ornately Bound Volume with Frontispiece illustrated by Mucha


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Ballady a Pisne

This ornately bound volume is Ruzeny Jesenske’s Ballady a Pisne. The work featured a frontispiece illustrated by Alphonse Mucha. It was published in V. Praze by Nakladetel J. Otto Knihkupec in 1904. There are 87 pages of text.

Alphonse (Alfons) Maria Mucha (1860-1939) was a Bohemian and Czech artist. He produced most of his early work in Paris and truly broke through around 1895. He moved back to Prague in 1910. Mucha was one of the most influential artists to the art nouveau movement.

Provenance: There are previous owner stamps to the title: Ing. V. Hradecky and stamp / crest / and to first page slighly worn “Vaciav… Aut. Civil Inzenyr St”

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