Warrior mounted on Pinto Pony – drawn by Richard Martinez


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Pueblo Indian Painting

This folio pochoir of Native American history is from Pueblo Indian Painting. The work was published in Nice by C. Szwedzicki in 1932. This first edition was limited to 500 copies, numbered and signed by the publisher, and this is from the set numbered 219. The plates were colored by the pochoir process after paintings by Julian Martinez, Encarnacion Peña, Abel Sanchez, Romando Vigil, Louis Roybal, Richard Martinez, Alfonso Royabal, Awa Tsireh, Miguel Martinez, and Vélino Herrera.

This is an outstanding stencil colored plate using the pochoir process. “These prints were produced by the pochoir manual stenciling process. A separate stencil is cut for each color, and the paint is applied by hand. It is an exacting, labor intensive process, requiring trained craftspeople.”

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