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Les Joies du sport

This attractive, folio pochoir lithograph is from Les Joies du sport, a publication done by Jacques and Maurice Goddet. The plates were completed by Milivoy Uzelac. The work was published in Paris by Editions d’art Le Document in 1932. The work was limited to 750 copies. This particular lithograph if from publication # 170 and is on Marais woven paper.

The work was a wondefully illustrated publication of the Art Deco period that focused on sport. Some of the sports illustrated in the work include golf, gymnastics, cycling, aviation, hunting, boxing, rowing, bowling, hocket, skating, and more. It was published for the 1932 Olympic games in Los Angeles and depicted sports that were rarely illustrated.

Milivoy Uzelac (1897-1977) was a Bosnian painter, illustrator, and sculptor. He did an exhibit in 1922 in France at the Salon des Independants where he was very influenced by the French avant-garde artists. His style was attractive and modern, and he was known for his figurative paintings and nudes.

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