Llama or Camel


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La Menagerie du Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle, ou Les Animaux Vivants…

This outstanding, first edition folio engraving is from La Menagerie du Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Ou Les Animaux Vivants, Peints d’Aprés Nature. It is one of the finest examples of early French natural history. The work catalogued the impressive collection of animals at the zoo attached to the Museum of Natural History. The credited artist for the work, which the engravings were completed after, is Nicholas Marechal, the painter of the museum. Simon Charles Miger completed the engravings. It was compiled by Lacepede, Cuvier, & Saint-Hilaire. The work was published in Paris in 1801 by Miger, Patris, Grandcher, and Dentou.

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