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L'Instruction du Roy en l'Exercise de Monter a Cheval

This strongly engraved dressage print is from Antoine de Pluvinel’s L’Instruction du Roy en l’Exercise de Monter a Cheval. The work was published in Paris by Mace Ruette in 1629. The engravings were completed by Crispin de Pas. It is considered one of the most important books ever written about the art of horsemanship.

The work featured illustrations of horses, jousting, and dressage scenes. Many of the engravings feature highly decorative borders. The engravings provide not only an interesting look at horsemanship, but also the clothes of the wealthy in the period.

Antoine de Pluvinel (1552-1620) spent much of his youth in Italy becoming one of the most well regarded riding masters of his day. He would become the Master of Horse for Charles IX in France, and also served his brother Henri III. Pluvinel founded the Academie d’Equitation in 1594. He had a lasting impact on aristocracy through the 17th century.

Provenance: Bookplate of Earl Roden (an Irish peerage) and the Bookplate of J. L. Nevinson

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