Blaeu’s Tooneel des Aerdrycx – Fifth Volume with 55 Engraved Maps


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Tooneel des Aerdrycx, oft Nieuwe Atlas … Vyfde Deel or Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, Dutch Edition

This remarkable fifth volume of 55 maps with original hand-coloring is is Jan & Willem Blaeu’s Tooneel des Aerdrycx, oft Nieuwe Atlas … Vyfde Deel or Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, Dutch edition. This was published in Amsterdam by Blaeu in 1654.

The work is bound in contemporary morocco, spine gilt in compartments, gilt panels incorpoorating arabesque cornerpieces and central lozenges to sides, all edges gilt. There is a decorative frontispiece with the arms of Scotland and 55 engraved maps with original hand-coloring (all but one is double-page). The maps were titled in Latin and English.

The work features maps dedicated to Scottish and Irish lands. It was the first printed atlas of Scotland (Skelton). The maps of Scotland are after Robert & James Gordon of Straloch. The maps of Ireland are after Mercator and Jansson.

The Blaeus’s atlases had extremely high production standards. The quality of the engraving, the paper, and colouring are of the highest quality. The maps are embellished in the Baroque style.

Willem Janszoon Blaeu (1571-1638), Jan’s father, founded the famous Blaeu cartographic firm in Amsterdam. He studied astronomy and science under Tycho Brahe. He established a globe and instrument making business in 1599 which soon expanded into cartography publishing. It became one of the most important publishing firms in the world that was also later run by his sons Cornelis and Jan (1596-1673). Their maps are noted for their fine engraving process, coloring, and design and are often referred to as “the highest expression of Dutch cartographical art.”

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