Meeting of the French and English Fleets off Baro Sound, Gulf of Finland – June 13, 1854


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The English and French fleets in the Baltic, 1854…

This large folio, originally hand-colored lithograph is from Oswald Walters Brierly’s The English and French fleets in the Baltic, 1854 . made during the year on board H.M.S. St. Jean d’Acre (Capt. The Honourable H. Keppel) and other of H.M. Ships. This first edition work was published in London in 1855 by Day & Son. The lithographs were done by Dutton, Carrick, Needham, and Picken after Brierly’s original illustrations. Each lithograph features the English and French fleets that were used during the battles of the Crimean War.

Sir Oswald Walters Brierly (1817-1894) was a marine painter and naval engineer. He joined Captiain Henry Keppel’s vessel, a man-of-war named HMS St. John d’Acre. Brierly was to illustrate the efforts for the Illustrated London News in a campaign to bring Sweden to join the allies and pressure Russia for peace over Sebastopol. This in effect made Brierly one of the earliest artists commissioned by a newspaper.

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