17 provinces of the Low Countries, including Naval battles fought in the late 16th Century against the Spanish and in the late 17th Century against the English


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Atlas Historique

Henri Abraham Chatelain’s Atlas Historique. The work was published by the author in Amsterdam between 1718 and 1720. The text was combiled by Gueudeville & Garillon. The maps were completed by Chatelain some influenced by Guillaume de l’Isle’s work. The work was published in several editions, and the second edition was the first to include additional maps not found in the first including a map of the world, Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Atlas Historique was a highly ambitious and groundbreaking work covering genealogy, cosmography, topography, heraldry, and chronology. It was intended for the general public and the increased fascination with the recently conquered colonies and the new discoveries. Chatelain’s maps are an outstanding example of the golden age of French mapmaking.

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