The Mountain of Ellora


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Oriental Scenery

This historic view of India is from Thomas and William Daniell’s Oriental Scenery. The work was published between 1812 and 1816 in London for the authors at the Free-School Press by William Daniell and Longman, Hurts, Rees, Orme and Brown. This is the scarce quarto edition of one of the greatest pictorial records of India. The Daniells reduced their large folio plates for this edition in order to have their views of India reach a wider audience.

“The Daniells left England in 1785, when William was only about sixteen, and they were back in England in September 1794. From an early stage Thomas seems to have set out to emulate and surpass Hodges (Select Views in India) in popularizing his views through the comparatively new medium of aquatint. The uncle and nephew were determined not only to do better than Hodges but to expose the weaknesses of the pioneer’s work by choosing the same views as Hodges had done, drawing them more accurately, and aquatinting them more skilfully” (Abbey Scenery II, p.377).

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