The United States of North America … According to the Treaty of Peace, of 1784 (1796)


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A New General Atlas

“Faden’s sequence of maps of the United States represents one of the most important depictions of the newly independent republic. The map was originally published in 1777 with the title The British Colonies in North America. It was heavily revised and republished in 1783 with the present title, before the final ratification of the Treaty of 1784.

It was one of the earliest maps to show the new Republic. Eight states were published, in all. They meticulously document the evolution of the new nation. This state of 1796 is the seventh. It is one of the first maps of any kind to show the new State of Tennessee, established in the year of publication.” (Donald Heald)

This large folio map is from William Faden’s A New General Atlas. The work was published by Faden in London circa 1808. The maps are dated between 1778 and 1808 by Faden, Laurie & Whittle, L.S. de La Rochette, Henry Roberts and others. Each engraving features original hand-coloring. The atlas featured hemispheric maps, a Mercator-projection world map, charts of numerous bodies of water, and a few exceptional large scale maps (Italy, Mediterranean).

William Faden (1750-1836) was an English cartographer and publisher. He served as the royal geographer to King George III providing the crown and parliament with maps. Faden took over Thomas Jefferys successful map business in 1771, and first published under the title Faden and Jefferys. He established a name for himself in mapping North America during the American Revolution and published the North American Atlas in 1777. Faden’s “contribution to the development of cartography was considerable, commissioning new surveys and publishing the work of mapmakers throughout Europe” (Tooley).

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