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Les forces de l'Europe (Introduction à la fortification)

This quality map engraving is from Nicholas de Fer’s Les forces de l’Europe (Introduction à la fortification). The work was published in Paris by Chez l’auteur between 1696 and 1699. This is one of Fer’s more original atlases that owes some of its success to the rise in interest of Vauban’s systems of fortifications.

The work included engravings of plans and maps of European fortresses and cities including Amsterdam, Barcelona, ??Dardanelles, Strait of Gibraltar, Heidelberg, Istanbul, Luxembourg, Mainz, Malta, Maestricht, Mongats, Nice, Ostend, Quebec, Strasbourg and Turin. Quebec is considered one of the most interesting plans included in the work. (Kershaw 279) It was noted of the atlas that it’s “a very elementary representation of the fortification system. But then comes the valued atlas, which is one of the best publications of this kind and especially provides a lively picture of Vauban’s buildings.” (Jähns 1444)

Nicholas de Fer (1646-1720) was one of the most famous French cartographers. He was apprenticed Louis Spirinx, an engraver, from the age of 12. His father was a print and map seller, and Nicholas eventually inherited his business after his passing. He was appointed as geographer of the Grand Dauphin and eventually the Geographer of the Kings of France and Spain.

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