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A New General Atlas…

This hand-colored map is from Anthony Finley’s A New General Atlas, comprising a complete set of maps, representing the grand divisions of the globe… compiled from the best authorities, and corrected by the most recent discoveries. This is from the second edition of the work published in Philadelphia by the Author in 1825.

It was said of this atlas: “The number of elegant maps and atlases which have come from the press within a short time in the United States, is a most flattering proof of increased attention of the community to the important study of geography. The present work contains sixty maps, about half of which are devoted to the American continent, and the remainder to other parts of the world, chiefly to Europe. The engraving is done almost uniformly with remarkable distinctness and the face of the maps is frequently beautiful, not overloaded with a confusion of useless names.” (North American Review, July 1824, pp.261-262)

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