Van Keulen’s De Groote Nieuwe Vermeerderde Zee-Atlas ofte Water-Waerld – 183 Originally Hand-colored Maps or Charts


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De Groote Nieuwe Vermeerderde Zee-Atlas ofte Water-Waerld...

This extraordinary and exceedingly rare atlas is from Johannes and Gerard Van Keulen and entitled in full De Groote Nieuwe Vermeerderde Zee-Atlas ofte Water-Waerld. Vertoonende in zig alle de Zee-Kusten des Aardryks. Bestaande in zeer nette Kaarten, zo platte als wassende Graden: waar in ontdekt zyn alle Baayen, Reeden, Klippen, Droogtens, Dieptens, Anker-plaatzen, en alle Strekkingen en Opdoeningen van Landen: ook haar lengten en Polus hoogten, &c. Dienende tot Opbouwinge en Voortplantinge der Scheepvaart, uit nieuwe Opgevingen van Schippers, Stuurlieden en Liefhebbers der Zeevaart. Te zamen vergaadert en in ‘t ligt gebragt, door Gerard van Keulen, &c. The work was published in amsterdam by Gerard van Keulen in 1708 (but 1709).

This was the largest Van Keulen sea atlas ever issued. Keulen atlases of this size are rarely available. The last notable records we see are Sotheby’s in 1984 with 160 charts and Christie’s in 2019 with 133 charts.

Johannes van Keulen (1654-1711) was a Dutch publisher. He was said to have produced “the largest and finest marine atlases in Holland.” (Koeman) He received a privelege from the States General of Holland and West Friesland in order to printe maritame atlases and shipping guides. The privilege was to protect his printed material from illegal reproduction. He named his printing firm, In de Gekroonde Lootsman, which grew to be one of the most successful Amsterdam publishing firms. He collaborated with other cartographers including Claes Janszoon Vooght and Johannes van Luyken.

Keulen’s first atlas, entitled Zee Atlas, contained only 40 charts. By 1695 his atlas would have 160 charts. His son, Gerard, took over publication in 1704 and expanded the atlas to 185 charts by 1709.

Gerard van Keulen (1678-1727) was a skilled engraver, mathematician, and chart-maker. He was appointed Hydrographer to the Dutch East India Company in 1714. The van Keulen publishing firm operated continuously from 1678 to 1885 with three generations of the family active in the firm.

The volume is bound in contemporary Dutch calf gilt, covers with a gilt stamped central armillary sphere within an arabesque, spine in compartments with raised bands gilt.

Present in the atlas: 183 hand-colored engraved plates and charts (nearly all double-page or folding, with the world map credited to Nicolaes Visscher) 14 of which are coastal profiles, Hand-colored engraved allegorical title page or frontispiece dated 1709 (by Aernout Naghtegael after Jan Lukeyn), Folding letterpress title in Dutch dated 1708, Additional title in French dated 1709, 12 pages of Dutch text, 8 pages of French Text, 5 hand-colored allegorical divisional titles dated 1709.

The contents collates broadly with Koeman Keu 28 (dated 1709 and containing 185 charts), with the following exceptions: the French letterpress title here is dated 1709 rather than 1707; in Part 2 charts (55)+(56) have been joined to form a large folding chart; charts (60) and (61) have been replaced by “Nouvelle carte marine Generale croissant ende-Grés du Canal … A New General and Gradual increasing Compass Map of the Channel …”; chart (86) has been replaced with “Paskaert van Cales tot Cadiz …”; chart (97) has been replaced with “Pascaart van de kust van Portugal”; and there is an additional chart after (105) titled “Nieuwe Pascaert vande kust van Maroca en Zanhaga”; in Part 3 chart (111) has been updated with “Nieuwe paskaart van t’opkomender Straat Gibralter …” ; and two pairs of charts have been joined: (126)+(129), and (127)+(128) to form two large folding charts; and in Part 4 (136) has been replaced by “Paskaert waer in de graden der breedde over weder zyden …”. The Dutch letterpress title is dated 1708 and contains the address of Gerard van Keulen, while the general allegorical title and 5 allegorical divisional titles are all dated 1709 and show the address of Johannes van Keulen. A further letterpress title in French is dated 1709 and has the address of Gerard van Keulen.

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