Labat’s Nieuwe Reizen naar de Franse Eilanden van America – Two Volumes with 92 Engravings


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Nieuwe Reizen naar de Franse Eilanden van America

These two volumes bound in period vellum are Jean-Baptiste Labat’s Nieuwe Reizen naar de Franse Eilanden van America. Behelzende De Natuurlyke Historie van die Landen, derzelver Oorspronk, Zeden, Godsdienst, Regering der oude en tegenwoordige Inwoonders; als ook die der zwarte Slaaven: Beneffens de Oorlogen en voornaamste Gevallen, die in het lang verblyf van den Auteur in dat Land zyn voorgevallen. Als ook een naauwkeurige Verhandeling van het maken der Suiker, Indigo, Cochenille, Cacao, en andere nuttigheden, tot den Koophandel dienende. This is the Dutch translation of the work done by W. C. Dyks. It was published in Amsterdam by B. Lakeman in 1725.

The work is 4 parts bound in two volumes with text and two engraved frontispiece as well as 92 of 94 engraved plates. The work discussed the people, practice of slavery, flora, and fauna of the Caribbean. It has historical observations and remarks on the sociological, geographical, zoological, anthropological, and gastronomic details of the area. It also features a treatise on the cultivation of cocoa and the fabrication of chocolate. The maps are of the Americas and the islands of Martinique, Barbados, Santa Domingo, and more.

“Labat went to the West Indies as a Dominican Missionary, and gives in this, his most famous work, details of all the islands he visited, and notably of Martinique and Guadeloupe. He speaks also of many of the smaller islands; of some of them this is the only early information we possess. He gives accounts of the cultivation of tobacco, sugar, indigo, etc., and many anecdotes of the inhabitants.” (Cox II, p.235)

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