Jan Huygen Linschoten’s Histoire de la navigation… – 3 Maps & 58 in text illustrations Bound in Vellum


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Histoire de la navigation...

This book is the first French edition of Jan Huygen Linschoten’s Histoire de la navigation…. The work was published in Amsterdam by De l’Imprimerie de Theodore Pierre in 1610. This work is one of the most essential accounts of travels in India, the East, the Portuguese Africa. The work features 58 in text illustrations and 3 maps.

This was an important work and effort to gather all the knowledge on the East and West Indies at the end of the 16th century. The work was first published in Dutch in 1596 and utilized Spanish and Portuguese documents on navigation and geography. This account was annotated by Bernard Paludanus.

Jean Hugues Linschoten (1563-1611) sailed to India in the service of Vicente Foncesca, Archbishop of Goa. Through several missions, he collected vital information on the islands and coasts of the Indian Ocean. He provided details on the geography, customs, habits, production, flora, and fauna of all of the places he explored.

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