Map of the World (Mappe-monde ou Carte Generale due Globe Terrestre)


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Composite Atlas

This exceptional engraving is from a composite atlas that featured numerous maps published in Paris and dated between 1653 and 1681. The maps were from Pierre Du Val, Nicolas Sanson, Philippe Briet, Philippe De La Rue, Le Vacher, Francois Jollain, Jan Jansson, Jean-Venant Bouchet, and Willem, Jan, and Cornelis Blaeu.

The maps from Pierre Du Val were generally part of his publication Cartes Géographiques. Pierre Duval (1618-1683) was a French geographer, cartographer, and publisher. He was the nephew and pupil of the geographer Nicolas Sanson. He later became Geographe Ordinaire du Roy to King Louis XIV.

The maps from Nicolas Sanson were generally part of his publication Cartes générales de toutes les parties du monde published by Pierre Mariette. Nicolas Sanson (1600-1667) was oft considered the father of French cartography. He produced over 300 maps in his career, noted for their sharp style and research. His son, Guillame Sanson, also continued publishing his work posthumously.

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