Entrance to the Strand, from Charing Cross


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Original Views of London as it is

This idyllic, folio lithograph is from Thomas Shotter Boys’s Original Views of London as it is. The first edition work was published in London in 1842 by Thomas Boys, his cousin. Charles Hullmandel also contributed the lithography for this work. The images from this work remain some of the most sought after of Victorian London. Described as “The finest of the lithograph books on London.” (Tooley 104)

Thomas Shotter Boys (1803-1874) was English engraver, lithographer, and watercolorist. He studied in London under the engraver George Cooke. He moved to Paris in the 1820s to continue his career as an engraver and watercolorist. He returned to England in 1837 to work for David Roberts and Clarkson Stanfield. Of interesting note, he placed two large boys in the view of the Tower and the Mint from this work that would serve as John Tenniel’s inspiration for Tweeledee and Tweedledum.

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